Industrial software for manufacturing outlook and dynamics 2024

See how our embedded engineers deliver multiple applications for various industrial projects, visit our embedded page. Build a custom solution, modernize your system, or solve a specific business issue with our end-to-end software solution development services. But well-built customized software solutions can also bring profit more directly, by assisting in product quality assurance, speeding up production, and enhancing manufacturing productivity on all fronts. Highly focused development makes for tailored products that fit your business model and processes to a T. A fitting product can improve business management and, in turn, enhance business processes. Our experts leverage proprietary tools and data, including market models and benchmarks, allowing us to develop customized solutions.

  • In fact, 38 percent of industrial company leaders expect more than 50 percent of their revenue to come from digital solutions by 2023, according to a recent McKinsey survey.
  • Over 50% of revenues in companies that deeply implemented digitization comes from digitally enhanced or purely digital products and services.
  • We are pleased to help build cross-platform desktop, mobile, or web apps tailored to your needs.
  • Adopt planning and reporting solutions to have an accurate overview of all production cycle components.

We faced challenges when it was time to test how the app would operate with the remote sensors because the peripherals were on another continent. The Integra team has implemented data migration from TinyDB databases to MongoDB databases, Google’s Protocol Buffers, and over-the-air (OTA)C/C++ firmware updates. Having achieved our objectives, we continue our partnership with the customer to improve the device. We have developed a wrist device with a help button for chemical plant workers handling hazardous chemicals.

Software Development for Manufacturing Companies

In our everyday lives, we call these systems smart devices, and we have them all around us. The AI factory tie-up builds off a partnership between Nvidia and Foxconn announced in January to develop autonomous vehicle platforms. On Tuesday, Foxconn also committed to manufacturing ECUs with Drive Thor, Nvidia’s next-gen SoC, after production starts in 2025. This is a very robust, scalable ERP software package that addresses the present and future needs of your growing manufacturing business. The system incorporates many unique features that are either not available in other traditional ERP systems or are only provided as expensive optional modules. A diverse mix of vendors are targeting the industrial markets including software giants Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP, and those with a heritage in industrial manufacturing such as ABB, GE, and Honeywell.

industrial manufacturing software development

It connects quality management directly to individual operators on the production floor. SYSPRO can help you comply with regulatory standards and comes with multiple features that improve visibility and traceability. With a real-time, integrated approach, the SYSPRO solution facilitates better decision making at all levels, paving the way to leaner operations and greater profits. Well, they’ve been leveraging data for quite some time, it’s just the degree in which they do that has changed a lot.

Annual Reviews in Control

If your business is located in the Americas, Africa, Europe and Middle East, introducing new digital products and solutions may provide you with higher revenue growth compared to competitors. With cloud computing technologies, Velvetech helps manufacturers build troubleproof production, reduce costs, and bolster competitiveness. Velvetech will help you build a web app or mobile solution to foster your production environment or streamline any business process. Boost your customer engagement and increase the performance of your sales and service teams. Incorporate computer vision and IoT technologies in your software to enhance the quality.

industrial manufacturing software development

The need for strict adherence to international standards and requirements for application compatibility with manufacturing equipment brings additional challenges for industrial software developers. Sometimes, one machine breaking down can bring the line or the entire production process to a standstill. Efficient asset management armed with industrial applications aims to extend equipment life, minimize breakdowns and unplanned downtime, and reduce repair costs.

Enterprise architecture framework oriented to cloud computing services

Thus, they include things like redundant features, optimization for devices that you don’t use — it increases the amount of required space and load times, decreasing the performance. We leverage AI and ML technologies to support manufacturers with software for optimizing equipment maintenance and elevating product quality. Experienced in the Internet of Things development, our team can equip you with a robust IoT solution to improve operational efficiency.

industrial manufacturing software development

This software has proven to boost efficiency with real-time, actionable visibility into plant operations. Costs are lowered and processes are streamlined, all while helping you grow revenue and increase profits. Epicor will optimize lean manufacturing helping you focus on the right priorities so you can make smarter decisions, eliminate waste and improve customer satisfaction. In the meantime, below are the top manufacturing industry software solutions that offer a good range of features no matter what items you produce.

Cloud migration of manufacturing software

Yet, in general, these costs are usually higher than a lifetime license since the product is built solely for you and perfectly adjusted to your needs. There are many reasons why you may want to develop software for the manufacturing industry. For example, to manage relationships with your customers, get better control and transparency over your warehouse, make calculations, or improve the logistics system. However, the real reason why more and more companies build custom manufacturing software is not that they’re participating in a made-up competition.

Overall, it provided them with better control over the whole production process as the data is updated in real-time. Our company focuses on custom manufacturing software development tailored to peculiar business needs. Before starting a project, we thoroughly evaluate the customer’s requirements, define key deliverables, estimate project feasibility, and, finally, launch a full-fledged product.

What Are The Top 5 Software Products For The Manufacturing Industry?

With the variety of manufacturing businesses, covering all possible manufacturing software features in an article is an impossible task. Besides, unique business Industrial Software Development processes will need apps developed with a unique approach. Here, we’ve rounded up the most obvious features required by most manufacturing businesses.

industrial manufacturing software development

Many large businesses have been using custom software for a long time and get a lot of benefits. The popularity of software development for manufacturing industry will continue to grow in the next 4 years at least. On the other side of the scales is custom software for the manufacturing industry. Developing custom software can be quite expensive, and the development itself will take some time — depending on the type of software, anywhere from a couple of months to a year to have a working mobile app and website. However, if you find a good application development firm, this kind of software will not only be tailored to the particularities of your business but will be scalable to allow for your business’s growth and expansion.

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